Audi Component Protection Removal

Audi Component Protection
Audi Component Protection
Audi Component Protection

Our cars are only getting more complex and integrating more computing power than before. One of those components is the Audi Component Protection Removal item that comes standard in many Audi vehicles these days. This is a security feature on various components in your Audi, meaning it helps protect against theft and makes the car non-functioning when any of these components with ACP have it. This is a security feature for the car parts and any type of unwarranted tampering. Unfortunately, that means someone not properly trained to handle the Audi Component Protection Removal can end up breaking it and causing damage to the control module of the whole vehicle, which leads to a voided warranty.

Let’s avoid that and have only professionals remove the ACP and get the components properly functioning.

Programming is done with specialized dealer tools such as the ODIS service that are meant to get into the car’s onboard diagnostic system. From there, it needs to be properly cleared from the system to be able to remove it. But, again, we may be oversimplifying it so you’re aware that while it may appear easy, it’s also easy to make a mistake with everything and cause further damage to the car without it being covered down the line.

Let us handle the headache of Audi Component Protection Removal, and you can take a moment to relax while we service your car with our highly trained technicians who have extensive experience specifically with handling ACP and the relevant tools and systems as well.

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