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BMW 328 footwell module (FRM) Repair for Montreal client

BMW MINI FRM Footwell module Montreal
BMW MINI FRM Footwell module Montreal

Yesterday a client called and said that he had found us on the Internet and would like to bring his BMW 328 car for diagnostics, as the windows stopped opening and closing.

During the diagnostics, it was revealed that the problem is hidden in the body computer, the so-called Footwell Module FRM. When trying to bring the Footwell Module FRM for diagnostics, we get that many control units cannot communicate it via the can line.

Why does the control unit fail?

As it turned out earlier, the client was running out of battery and he decided to change it, and when he changed it to a new one, there was a failure and the Footwell Module FRM stopped communicating.

What are the common problems caused by the failure of the control unit?

  • Turn signals not working
  • Electric windows not working
  • Lighting system inside the car
  • Electric mirrors

Most often, we can repair and program the Footwell Module FRM without replacing it, but on Mini cars, it happens that it gets flooded with water and you need to change the Footwell Module FRM to another new or used one.

Need an FRM repair, replacement, or programming? call us for an appointment

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