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CAS Car Access System

When you get yourself a BMW, you’re essentially buying performance. Yet even the best manufacturing can lead to issues, and you may have to get yourself some repairs. This can happen especially with your Car Access System (CAS). So don’t hesitate to reach out to us immediately when that happens, and we will know exactly how to fix it.

The CAS system is what’s needed for your vehicle to start in the first place. It was designed as an anti-theft system as well as a digital registration system for all the items needed to identify your car. This means you’ll know if you’re in an original car with the CAS system. Yet sometimes, these systems may have a breakdown with communications to other key systems, such as the Engine Control Unit.

We can replace and fix your CAS Module

Other situations that may cause a CAS failure are attempting to boost the car but doing so incorrectly or actually programming or reprogramming the keys.

Without these two being in complete sync, there’s a chance your car won’t start. However, with the right equipment and knowledge, it can be a simple repair, and that’s why you should consider working with us to get it fixed. We only work with the highest quality tools and OEM parts to ensure that not only will the repairs to your CAS be completely done, but that they stay that way and you can get yourself back on the road with your quality BMW.

Don’t let the stresses of this system failure affect you, as the moment you contact us; we’ll get on it quickly. Not only do we work diligently to get your car working again, but we also want you, as our customer, to be completely satisfied with our services. We’ve handled this situation before, and it shouldn’t be done by just any type of mechanic or locksmith, as this requires a certain level of expertise.

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