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BMW FRM Module Repair Montreal

If you need to get your BMW Footwell Module (FRM) repaired, don’t just trust it to anyone, but make sure to give us a call or reach out to us. It can be a fickle item to fix, and it’s also important to make a proper diagnosis beforehand to see if any repairs are actually necessary.

The FRM itself is a hub for all your electronics, and it’s actually on the driver’s side in the footwell, hence the name. It helps to receive and send out signals to the various items your car has that are powered by electricity and directly interfaces with the dashboard if something needs to be checked.

Some telltale signs that you need to check your FRM are typically issues with your electronics. For example, if you find that your lights aren’t functioning properly and turning off, or the headlights won’t go on, or if the windows aren’t working, and they are power windows, there’s a strong possibility that your FRM needs to be diagnosed and possibly repaired.

We can Fix your BMW Frm module

This can be a very expensive item to completely replace, so you want to make sure again that you only work with experts such as ourselves who have extensive experience when it comes to repairing FRM modules. Otherwise, you may look at spending well over $1000 for a replacement OEM part when a repair can come in at a significantly lower price and still provide optimal driving conditions.

We’ll work on your FRM quickly and efficiently so that you can get your BMW functioning properly and, more importantly, safely when you’re on the road. It doesn’t take a long time for us to handle everything from diagnostics to repairs, so it can feasibly be done same day in many cases. But, of course, you are always welcome to reach out to us ahead of time and contact us for our FRM repair options.

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