ECU Coding
and programming

ECU coding and programming services for optimal vehicle performance and customization. Trust the experts for reliable solutions.

ECU Coding

ECU Coding

ECU coding is necessary if you want to modify your car’s options, such as adding or removing features. Additionally, if the coding is lost, the module may not function properly, and specific options may not work as intended. Recoding the ECU can help restore proper functionality and ensure all desired features function correctly.

ECU Programming

ECU programming is necessary when installing a new or used electronic control unit (ECU) or when an update is required. Additionally, there may be instances where the internal memory of the ECU becomes damaged, leading to suboptimal module performance or even failure. In such cases, reprogramming the ECU can help resolve these issues and restore proper functionality.

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ECU Cloning montreal

ECU Cloning

ECU cloning is necessary when there is no way to reprogram a used ECU or to ensure you have a backup of your current flash and EEPROM information before any tuning on the ECU. In such cases, cloning the ECU is the best way to ensure that all the necessary information is backed up and ready to be restored anytime.