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Electronic Steering Lock (ESL) Repair for Montreal client

Mercedes Electronic Steering Lock ESL
Mercedes Electronic Steering Lock ESL

There can be numerous reasons why your keys or key fob won’t work with your vehicle. If it’s a key fob issue you may need a battery change, but other problems can also occur even with a regular key setup.

Our Montreal client contacted us as Techmod Locksmith Montreal for a recent problem with their 2008 Mercedes c300. The client mentioned that he inserted his key, but the dashboard lights on his vehicle refused to light up. He tried numerous things, but nothing worked. The client got in touch with us so we could conduct a mobile diagnostic on his vehicle.

After we talked with the customer, we booked a day and time for the diagnostic to take place. We went to his home and did a run diagnostic on his Mercedes c300. The problem was with his Electronic Steering Lock ESL which was in locked position. We removed the steering wheel and the steering column to get to the Electronic Steering Lock ESL and then installed an emulator. To get this to work, we programmed it into the car.

This is just one of the many car problems that we deal with at Techmod. To get information on your car and have a diagnostic done. Contact us via the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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