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Ford Escape 2010 Powertrain Control Module PCM Programming for Montreal client

Ford Escape ECM Programming Montreal
Ford Escape ECM Programming Montreal

Ford Escape/ Mazda Tribute is known to us as a problematic car and this is due to the Powertrain Control Module PCM of the motor and the transmission box, and to be more precise, most of the problems are related to the location of the Powertrain Control Module ECM. As we can see in the photo, it was placed right under the windshield where all the moisture collects.

Of course, everyone is interested in what problems can be due to a faulty Powertrain Control Module PCM and I will say the following based on my personal experience in diagnosing and troubleshooting this Ford / Mazda car, most of the problems were the following defects:

  • Battery charge problem
  • Car stalls while driving
  • Engine malfunctions
  • No communication to PCM
  • Shifting problems

And in general, problems can be completely different, since we don’t know which side of the Powertrain Control Module moisture will get in and which elements on the electrical board will be damaged.

In this case with a client in Montreal, we identified two issues, a battery charge issue, and a shifting issue. The client has already contacted another garage and he was given a new generator and a new battery, but the problem has not gone away. After replacing the control unit, the keys were reprogrammed using the Autel programmer, and the software was also updated using online access by the FJDS dealer diagnostic program.

If you have the same car and a similar problem, you can contact us for diagnostics and replacement of the control unit.

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