IGLA – Innovative Vehicle Anti Theft Immobilizer Technology

How IGLA Revolutionizes Car Security with Innovative Anti-Theft Technology

IGLA is a unique device revolutionizing car security with its innovative anti theft technology. The smart anti theft car immobilizer from Canada’s leading anti theft system is designed to protect your car against theft or carjacking. It works silently to protect your car against theft by enabling an authorization system that uses key fobs to disarm the system and protect your car against key cloning or car hacking.

The IGLA alarm utilizes a car immobilizer module that connects via the can bus to disable the engine and lock the car’s ignition, ensuring impeccable security. The system is undetectable and can be easily integrated into a wide range of vehicles with its standard wiring. With author alarms and pin to drive features, IGLA is designed to protect your car against theft at all times, making it the ultimate solution for car security.

What is IGLA and How Does it Work?

IGLA is a cutting-edge antitheft system that works silently to protect your vehicle from thieves. Using a unique patented technology, IGLA can be easily installed almost anywhere in your vehicle, depending on the make and model. It can even be hidden under the hood for added security. The system uses digital buses such as lin and can-bus to communicate with your vehicle’s keyfob and obd port. The pin code sequence must be entered to get authorized access to the vehicle, giving away thieves without alerting them. IGLA is compatible with a wide range of vehicle brands, including Toyota, BMW, Audi, Jeep, Land Rover, Jaguar, and Mercedes. Its mission is to ensure impeccable security for your vehicle.

Benefits of Using IGLA as an Anti-Theft Solution

IGLA provides a multitude of benefits as an anti-theft solution for vehicles. One key advantage is its ability to block unauthorized access to the vehicle’s digital buses like CAN and LIN through its advanced algorithm. Unlike traditional alarm systems, IGLA works silently in the background, making it difficult for thieves to detect and disable. Additionally, the installer can easily customize the settings depending on the specific make and model of the vehicle, ensuring maximum security. Another benefit is that standard circuit conduits are utilized, making it easier to find and dialog with the system. By using IGLA as an anti-theft solution, vehicle owners can have peace of mind knowing their vehicle is protected from theft. For more information on how to connect with us and install IGLA, reach out to our team today.

Installation Process for IGLA in Vehicles

Installing IGLA in vehicles involves a meticulous process to ensure that the system remains undetectable and hidden from potential thieves. The location for the installation may vary, depending on your vehicle, in order to make it easily found by authorized users but difficult for unauthorized individuals to access.

The system is typically connected to the vehicle’s digital buses such as can and lin to enable communication and functionality. This requires a thorough understanding of the vehicle’s power and can-bus systems to ensure a successful installation.

By utilizing the latest technology and following precise installation procedures, the IGLA system can be seamlessly integrated into vehicles without compromising their security or functionality. This ensures that the vehicle remains protected and secure at all times, providing peace of mind to the owner.

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