Ignition Switch Repair

You get in your car and put your car keys into the ignition, but it doesn’t feel right today. You feel as if you’re putting in a bit more effort and pressure, and you feel as if the key is about to break itself. Or the car key won’t turn at all, even though you know it’s the right key. Even worse, you may have applied too much pressure combined with your strength and the key snapped inside! Sometimes the age of the car ignition becomes too old, and it’s time for car ignition repair.

Always work with a professional for your Car Ignition Repair

First, while you may watch a video or have a friend who wants to lend a hand, you’re always better off using a certified and licensed locksmith like ourselves. Often, it will require a replacement of the old ignition switch with a new ignition switch. That requires taking out the lockout pin as well as getting into the dashboard itself. So there are multiple chances for something to go wrong, plus when you work with us, you don’t have to put up with the hassle or headache yourself.

A proper installation will also help to ensure that no issues recur in the future either. So you won’t need to reach out to us to fix an even bigger problem that could easily have been avoided when you worked with our services from the beginning.

We help to assess the situation and make sure to handle the car ignition repair service correctly the first time, to get you back on the road and be able to get your car working. Don’t wait for the car ignition issues to lead to major problems, and make sure to contact us as soon as you feel that you need a repair service.

If it starts to feel ‘sticky’ when turning on the ignition, take preventative action to get to our garage and let us repair it for you.

On top of car ignition repairs, we offer a wide range of locksmith and emergency locksmith services here when you need us most. We’ll come to you if necessary and handle whatever lock issue you may encounter.